Selection Weirdness

Scratch | Wed, Oct 4 1:55 PM

Your show preferences are not showing up correctly. We know -- and they are being saved correectly

Hello applicants!

We're experiencing a small tech issue which will not effect your application -- but may effect your experience. We apologize for the error and are working to resolve it in the next few days.

When you apply, you are ask to select which show or shows you want the act to be considered for.  An act can be considered for multiple shows, but it will only get cast in one.  Right now, your choices are not displaying correctly but the information is being saved correctly.  We know it's disconcerting to enter a choice and then not have that choice appear in your confirmation, but please be confident that we are getting your choices.

Thank of of you who have applied already... and you -- if you wanted to be one of the first people to apply... well, it's too late for that.  But if you hurry, you might make it into the first 50 act submissions.  Applications are open until January 15, 2024 and are Pay-What-You-Can (min. $5) until the end of the month.