It takes a lot of work to put on an event like The Great Burlesque Exposition.  We're grateful to all of our volunteers, but particularly grateful to those who take on a leadership role – whether this is their first year or their tenth.  Without them, the event could not grow and expand.

If you think there's a management role you'd like to take on either for this year or next, please contact our producer, Scratch.  If you're interested in helping out in a volunteer position (less responsibility, mostly take place at the BurlExpo), please fill out this form.

2020 Staff


John Bilotti

Conference Coordinator
Red Velvet

Registration/Front Desk
Betty Blaize, Marek Rivero

Technical Lead (Lighting)
Hunter Heinlen

Vendor Coordinator

Technical Lead (Audio)
Michael Bergman of Eclectic Enterprises

Web Development Team
Betty Blaize, Hunter Heinlen, Jon Kiparsky

Queen of Outreach
Lady LaRouge

Security Lead

Costume Exhibit
BettySioux Tailor, Baroness Blitzen Von Schtupp, Devastasia